Maintenance hints

To clean your glass cooktop surface, you have to use the special cream made for that purpose. With any other abrasive detergent, you could definitely damage your surface.


Some fabrics may have an overload of fibers that cause pilling and create a fleece-lined aspect.

All furniture can be altered if it is exposed to sunlight. To enjoy your furniture for a long period, avoid them to be exposed to sunlight or placed by a heating source or even if it is placed in a room where the humidity is not appropriate.


Furniture facts!

  1. All washers and dishwashers are tested by the manufacturers so it is possible that you find water in the pump.
  2. Depending on the models, it is possible that you will have to unlock the tub of your new washer before using it. To find out, refer to the owner's guide.
  3. You may have to install updates on your new electronic device before the first use.
  4. You should wait for at least six hours before plugging an appliance or a new t.v (especially when temperatures are under 0°C).
  5. It is normal for new seating furniture to loose firmness during the first months of use, because the foam loses an elasticity percentage.
  6. Some fabrics like microfiber and velvet can give you the impression of showing different colors depending on the fiber angle.
  7. On leather, scars, insect punctures may be seen on the surface and it is perfectly normal, this material comes from animal skin.
  8. Wood is a natural resource and can have some irregularity or have been intentionally hammered to create an effect. The result of the finish or of the color will vary from the wood essence or the desired effect.