Organizing - Good for the soul ?

With the rays of the sun catching on more and more, the idea of ​​having a springcleaning is a therapy in itself. It represents a new season, a new beginning. 
According to psychologist Patrick Estrade, tidying up would give our morale a
boost. However, we must avoid falling into obsessive behaviors. A messy
corner, an object on the floor or out of place is not necessarily a bad thing. You can leave an object in view to remember it. Sometimes it's the order of the
subconscious. We pack it, we push it, but we don't put it away. We get
attached to things. On the other hand, when you get attached to too many
objects, it is the disorder that prevails. In the disorder, we do not find ourselves there anymore. We get tangled up, we lose efficiency.

Marie Kondo and the power of storage

Do you know Marie Kondo? She's the American tidy-up expert. His book The Amazing Power of Storage: Decluttering Your Home to Lighten Your Life has sold millions of copies worldwide. She can also be seen on Netflix in The Order of Things.

For Marie Kondo, we have to get rid of the superfluous. Haven't we used it in the past year? Why keep it! Also, why keep objects that ultimately do not represent us. He can give them to organizations or other individuals, but they have to be given. If that doesn't happen, recycle or throw away. You have to go one wardrobe at a time or one theme at a time, such as toys, tools, dishes, etc. Then, to store, you need shelves, furniture with closed doors or display cases for beautiful collector's items. A collection in boxes lying around brings no pleasure.

Multipurpose furniture

From now on, there are many multipurpose pieces of furniture at Meubles Marchand such as chests that serve as stools or center tables. Tables with drawers, shelves and even furniture to store a mattress. Yes, you can hide the guests' mattresses behind a piece of furniture: that's what we call Sleep Chest!

Finally, the storage must be used to reposition ourselves, to refocus to have a balance of life and to feel good about yourself. As long as it is not compulsive, tidying up is a form of therapy that allows us to be self-satisfied. Which results in an increase in our own esteem. So let's take advantage of the mildness of spring to tidy up!

The practical and comfortable bed

A practical and comfortable Sleep Chest is the ideal solution for small spaces, to add extra beds to your chalet or to decorate your office at home and allow you to receive more guests! In addition to saving you space, these modern furniture do not need to be attached to a wall and can be easily moved. With their beautiful styles and premium mattresses, they complement any decor and provide better sleep than a regular sofa bed.